AAC is at your disposal to be your sound business adviser on all issues affecting the industry.

  • Advanced assessment of environmental and interior noise.
  • Procedures for noise control and sound/vibration exposure levels of workers.
  • Definition, supervision and monitoring of management plans for environmental noise.
  • Design of acoustic improvements to machinery, equipment, operations or noisy processess.
  • Acoustic, economic and cost assessment, advantages to each solution.
  • ENAC accredited certification of machines, machines lots (according to European directives) and industry sample (Annex IV of RD 1367/2007).
  • Noise impact assessment in very early stages of the project, based on our extensive databases, noise emission of such facilities.
  • Industrial land management taking into account the variable ambient noise in industrial areas or large areas.
  • Advice to the various departments of the company in all noise-related issues (standars, new machinery, assembly and testing of improvements made, training, R+D+i….).


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