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SoundPLAN has been on the market since 1986. It enjoys the largest number of noise simulation software users worldwide. The complete integration of indoor factory noise, transmission through walls/floor slabs and the noise propagation into the environment make this software the ideal tool for engineers working in the fields of noise planning, noise in the workplace, noise mapping and as part of general environmental assessment studies. The unsurpassed numerical and graphical presentations make it easy to explain your findings to the public and to agencies requesting a study.

SoundPLAN, because of its integration of noise and air pollution modules, makes interdisciplinary work in planning easy. Many modeling objects are shared between the air pollution and noise models.

SoundPLAN helps you to work efficiently by offering templates for graphics, tables and spreadsheets, and by hosting all acoustics and air pollution relevant data in libraries that can be shared between users. Importing and exporting data in various formats make it easy to reuse data from external sources. The more you can import data, the faster you can proceed with the creative work of reducing noise in the neighborhood.

SoundPLAN is marketed worldwide via a network of dedicated trading partners. Currently more than 30 trading partners are active. Check our list to find information about the SoundPLAN representative in your area. If you live in an area without a distributor, contact us.

SoundPLAN is available as native 64 and 32 bit versions. Both versions can be installed concurrently on the same PC, the 32 bit version is fit for all but huge projects. External Web Map Servers with many readily available maps augment what Google Earth, Google Maps and Open StreetMap offers.

Versión 8.2



SoundPLAN essential concentrates on the simulation of noise. It is best for smaller projects. This software has pre-formulated settings and templates so the occasional user can concentrate on the core.

SoundPLAN essential has combined a simplified, intuitive user interface with the full strength SoundPLAN calculation core. By sharing the file structure and the calculations with the industry leader, projects done with SoundPLAN essential can be processed further with the full version.

SoundPLAN essential is especially developed to quickly solve standard investigations and therefore does not need all the options of the full program. As it is a subset of the full version and shares some of the same components, the software has an excellent cost/performance ratio.

SoundPLAN essential is now available in the version 4.0 with a new noise source library. With this addition complex industrial noise modeling projects become easy.

SoundPLAN essential provides full performance for small to medium projects at a fraction of the price.

SoundPLAN essential displays all steps of an investigation with multiple tabs of the input/output.

SoundPLAN essential is now available with the additional module Building Acoustics outside to simulate the noise inside a building caused by outside sources.

Versión 5.1



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