Environmental noise projects can be very different in their purpose and scope. Therefore, the modular nature of SOUNDPLAN can adjust the structure of the program to the needs of each user, i.e., buy only what is needed, although in future they can add on new modules to your configuration.

In summary, the modules available in the program are:

Core Modules (common to any configuration): SOUNDPLAN Manager. Geographical Database. Libraries. Noise maps. Tables of results. Basic graphics and interface DXF and ASCII.

Noise Propagation Modules: Roads. Railway. Industry. Indoor Factory. Aircraft.

Graphic Modules: 3D Graphics. Animations. Cartography.

Tools: Wall Design, Crossections, Facade Noise Map, Expert System Industry Noise, Windos dimensioning, Distributed Computing, Toolbox, ArcView Interface, TNM Interface, BA Outside, Noise Allotment.

To these we must add the specific modules of air pollution (Gauss, Austal 2000 y Miskam).

We have special configurations (groups of modules that we consider of interest) that are cheaper than if purchased separately.


SoundPLAN prospectus            Description of modules


Other SoundPLAN's modules to look.

SoundPLAN highlights                                  SoundPLAN roads and railway

SoundPLAN industry                                      SoundPLAN wall design

SoundPLAN action planning     SoundPLAN indoor factory noise

SoundPLAN ruido de fuera adentro                        


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