SOUNDPLAN is the worldwide leader in software for the characterization of ambient noise. With 25 years of experience and 5,000 users spread over 50 countries worldwide.

The program is used for calculating noise from road traffic (streets and roads), railways, industry (domestic and foreign) airports. Furthermore, it can obtain levels of various air pollutants with air modules.

When purchasing a program of this type, the user should ask themselves a series of questions to know if the program will be able to cater for your needs:

What regulations are included?

With SOUNDPLAN, the user can use any of the close to 50 or so regulations for different environmental noise sources, including the methods recommended by the Directive 2002/49/EC on the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise, as well as more advanced methods such as Nord2000, soon to be the European method Knossos.

How easy is it to import and export data?

SOUNDPLAN is very versatile when it comes to import inputs and export the results, including among others the most common (CAD files, GIS,. Txt, ...)

Is there any limit to the size of the project or number of items to use?

From the simplest configuration of the program, SOUNDPLAN does not have any limitation in this sense.

How flexible is the structure of the data?

The program lets you combine and create as many different scenarios as the programmer wishes to consider various alternatives, solutions, comparing results from different years ...

Is it able to analyse complex situations?

Virtually any situation or element can actually be modelled in SOUNDPLAN. Viaducts, tunnels, screens with projections or with different materials ... none would be a problem for the program.

How fast is the calculation?

Its new calculation engine called "Dynamic Search" makes SOUNDPLAN the market's fastest high precision software.

What are the chances of post-processing?

When faced with the execution of a project of great importance, the program offers great potential with thoughts towards noise management and actions plans.

Is the graphic illustration powerful?

The graphic capability of the program is outstanding, not to mention the numerical results obtained in the form of charts and tables.

Are there any updates? Is there program development?

From its headquarters in Backnang (Germany) new improvements, regulations, innovations are continuously included, the user can download them from the web to keep the program up to date.

Is there some kind of assistance?

AAC, Centro de Acústica Aplicada as distributors and day to day users of SOUNDPLAN offer technical assistance to our customers to resolve queries and problems, which makes us different from the rest.

Differences between SoundPLAN Modular and SoundPLAN Essential


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